See how Kran Sports can help to transform your boxing career.

Boxing Management and Event Production from Kran Sports

Kran Sports is a full service provider for boxers and event management. A family owned business with a personal approach to our clients and associates. Rely on us for the best in boxing management.

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Professional Training

Get fit for battle with Kran Sports unique training techniques. We have created our own training science that takes you beyond simply physical condition.

Pro Management

Our family approach to professional management focuses on our athletes goals. We focus on both physical and personal aspects of your career.

Match Production

Kran Sports arranges boxing events at all levels for our clients and associates. We'll match you with competitors at your level and grow with you as you succeed.

Our Boxing Mission is YOU !

If you're a boxing athlete that is confused by the over-hyped promises made by the people around you then consider the family style approach to boxing that is the heart of Kran Sports Entertainment Management.  We're long term members of the boxing community with a stellar reputation and we would be happy to talk to you about  your career.




Kran Sports works with boxers to maximize their potential and create the most successful boxing career possible for you and your family.  Our no- nonsense approach to training and management means we won't make promises we can't fulfill.   Our goal is to create a training and fight calendar that matches your skills with competent opponents.  Then as you improve we can increase the challenges and bring you along the championship pathway. Even the best boxing professionals can face set backs and pitfalls.  Very often training is not enough to become successful.  You need an environment that is supportive in all times, good and bad, so that you can deal with the setbacks as gracefully as you deal with your successes.


Family style of management is what sets Kran Sports and Entertainment Management apart from other boxing management businesses.  Guidance, individualized attention and respect is what gets our boxers on the path to bright profitable and professional boxing careers. CLICK HERE for more about Kran Sports.

Kran Sports Featured Pros


Jonathan Cepeda is on a mission to take out the competition and become a world champion in the middleweight division.  Kran Sports is proud to support Jonathan as he continues on his path to a bright boxing future. to learn more about "El Conquistador" CLICK HERE.


Ian Green grew up in the gym with his father and uncle.  He never thought of becoming a fighter, the sport found him.  Then in his teens he learned the hard way that even with all his talents it was hard work that would get him to the top. Learn more about the "Young General."  CLICK HERE.


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