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About Kran Sports Entertainment and Management

Our team is completely focused on maximizing the athletic, entrepreneurial and personal potential of each one of our athletes. We only work with athletes who are completely dedicated to these goals.

We limit the number of individuals who we work with to ensure that each one receives the appropriate attention and resources. To this end, we only concentrate in the professional boxing & MMA fields.

Kran Sports and Entertainment Management is a family owned and operated business that provides management to boxers in New Jersey and New York. President Joe Kran and his management team take the health, safety and well being of boxers very seriously. They recognize that successful boxing careers begin with care along with mental and physical support.

Best In Class Athletics

We want our athletes to dominate in the weight class in which they box. We will work hard to ensure that each of our athletes has the “best in class”:

Ideal Enviornment

We strive to maintain a personal and financial environment to enable him/her to properly focus on becoming a world class champion.

Quality Support

We provide quality trainers, conditioning and other support personnel as well as training equipment, facilities and regimen.

Experienced Staff

You'll get a promoter who has a strong track record of being able to obtain the right types of bouts, with the proper opponents and for large purses.

Entreprenurial Goals

We are committed to helping our boxers reach their highest potential net worth through boxing activities. It is equally critical that they develop additional entrepreneurial pursuits to increase their earnings while boxing and throughout their entire life. We'll help you set both business and financial goals.


We'll work to develop a unique personal brand name that transcends boxing.

PR & Marketing

We'll build a high PR Quotient by effectively utilizing Twitter, Instagram and Facebook social media platforms as well as traditional media vehicles

Building the Brand

We'll maximize all endorsement and promotional opportunities then identify and pursue additional business activities across a wide range of industries.

Personal Potential

We understand that it is essential that our boxers continue their development into mature, well-rounded and socially responsible human beings. We believe that this is critical not only to achieving the above two goals, but also for their own personal happiness and fulfillment.

Personal Direction

The boxing world has its share of pitfalls. To help you avoid setbacks we'll provide personal and business mentoring.

Legal - Financial

We connect our boxers with legal and financial counseling to preserve and increase their net worth. However we offer no specific investment recommendations and do not actually manage funds.

Giving Back

We'll recommend activities that involve an athlete in appropriate civic and social not-for-profit activities.

For more information on what Kran Sports can do for you call: 732-413-5552