Weighing In: Ian “Young General” Green

by / Wednesday, 14 October 2015 / Published in Boxing, Boxing Interview, News

By Todd Creel: In boxing (or life in general), time is the true champion. Time has knocked out more opponents than any boxer could ever hope to. Fighters age, their reactions become dull, their movements slow down, and they eventually have to face retirement. Fortunately, as time passes, we also have new and exciting fighters that rise through the ranks, ready to claim a spot among the greats.

I had the privilege of having a Q&A with one of these up and coming fighters, young middleweight prospect Ian “Young General” Green. At the time of this article, the 22 year old Green has a record of 7 fights; 7 wins with 5 by way of knockout.

Q: Are you originally from Paterson, NJ?

Green: Yes born and raised in Paterson.

Q: What does the city of Paterson mean to you?

Green: My city means everything to me. My city is a tough environment to grow up in which turned out to be a good thing in a way because it made me who I am today and it made me strong not only physically but most importantly mentally.

Q: When did you start boxing and how did you get involved in the sport?

Green: I started boxing around the age of 9. To be honest boxing kind of chose me. I grew up in the boxing gym with my uncle but I never boxed. I always found a way to get myself into trouble with the owner so it was either never go back to the gym or I start to box to prevent me from being a pain in the behind.

Q: Tell me about you amateur career. What was your record? Did you win any titles?

Green: I had a decent amateur career. My record was 41-9 out of 50 fights. I won the NJ golden gloves twice; in 2013 and 2014. I also won the diamond gloves in 2014 and the NJ State Championships 2013.

Q: Talk about your decision to turn pro in October 2014. Why was it the right time? What was your motivation to turn pro at that time?

Green: I honestly didn’t feel like my style was fit for the amateurs. After a while I wasn’t interested in the amateurs anymore that was my motivation.

Q: How did you get the nickname “Young General?”

Green: Everyone called my dad general and ever since he passed I chose to adopt the name and continue his legacy by being a powerful person in my community by creating opportunities for others.

Q: Most boxers strive to become world champion. Do you? What other career goals have you set for yourself?

Green: That’s my ultimate goal. To become world champion in various weight classes. My other career goals are to open up some businesses down the line and create opportunities for my loved ones

Q: You will have fought 6 times so far in 2015. Do you plan on remaining as active as you move up the ranks?

Green: Absolutely I love being active.

Q: Explain your boxing style?

Green: I’m a pure boxer. I follow the rules of boxing which is to hit and not get hit.

Q: In your opinion, what separates you from other fighters?

Green: I feel like other fighters are busy trying to be like other fighters. I feel I’m in my own lane inside and outside the ring . While everyone is trying to be the next Floyd Mayweather, or the next Ali I’m trying to be the first Ian Green.

Q: Ian where do you see yourself in three years? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Green: In 3 years I see my self a world champion and in 5 years I see myself a world champion in multiple weight classes and also possibly starting my new promotional company.

Q: I understand you are also a college student and you do volunteer work as well. Tell me about these activities and explain why they are important to you?

Green: Yes I’m currently in college. Being in college means a lot to me. I don’t want to be the average boxer. I want to be smart inside and outside the ring. That is what sets me aside from others. I am also a member of Toastmasters International and I do community service for my city. I do it for many reasons but one of my main reasons is to shed a different light on boxing; letting the world know not every boxer is a ex-convict, or not every boxer is a drop out. There are some educated young fighters out there and I’m just trying show that to the world.

Q: What advice or words of wisdom can you give to other young aspiring boxers?

Green: Just keep pushing and stay focused. Fight for your dreams!

I thank Mr. Green for taking the time out of his schedule to let us have a look inside his mind and daily life. I wish him the best of luck rising through the ranks and hope to see him achieve his goals.