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Ian-GreenBy Todd Creel – Last Saturday, April 9th 2016, “Young General” Ian Green made a successful return to the ring in the Jeter Promotions card “Bulldog Brawl.” Green suffered a disappointing majority decision loss, the only of his career, in his first ring appearance of 2016. He and his team were determined not to let that happen again and wanted to keep the judges out of the equation.

Green’s opponent was the game veteran Gundrick King (18-16 11KO) from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He made the long trip to Virginia with the intentions of completely derailing Green’s plan of a knockout win. Round one saw Green using evasive ring movement and a disciplined jab to negate King’s come-forward offense. By round two, the feeling out process was over. Green stiffened his jab and often followed it with heavy body shots that seemed to sap the energy from his opponent. By round three, King’s offense was nonexistent. The body shots had obviously taken their toll, and the Young General’s jab prevented King from closing the distance. By this point, Green was throwing more hooks to the head and body, but King’s chin held. Round four was almost a mirror of the third, and it only seemed like a matter of time before King’s conditioning would give out. During round five, King attempted a last ditch effort, throwing heavy shots to try and turn the tide, but was met with a superior offense from Green. Green backed his opponent into the corner and unloaded heavy shots until the ref stopped the contest, scoring a TKO victory at 2:49 in round five.

I was able to ask Green and his team a few post fight questions before they left to travel back to New Jersey.

Catching Up with Ian Green

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by

By Todd Creel: This past Saturday (November 14th 2015), I had the pleasure of attending a Jeter Promotions card featuring many up and coming pugilists. Among them, “Young General” Ian Green won his bout in impressive fashion with a first round knockout. While his opponent was nowhere near world quality, Ian showed impressive skills. I

Interview begins at 9:10 mark.

Tonight we dive into the pro career of one “Young General” Ian Green, who comes onto our show as a 7-0 Middleweight with 5 K.O.’s.  Check him out at  With the aftermath from Golovkin vs Lemieux for the Middleweight Unification, this was a bonus to have one of the next up and coming fighters

After a challenging boyhood, Ian has found a clear direction to be the best boxer he can! With his father in prison for all of his childhood, Ian grew up with his mother and sister in the rough, low-rent and in-your-face city of Paterson, New Jersey. By the time he finished high school most of

By Todd Creel: In boxing (or life in general), time is the true champion. Time has knocked out more opponents than any boxer could ever hope to. Fighters age, their reactions become dull, their movements slow down, and they eventually have to face retirement. Fortunately, as time passes, we also have new and exciting fighters that rise through the ranks, ready to claim a spot among the greats.

I had the privilege of having a Q&A with one of these up and coming fighters, young middleweight prospect Ian “Young General” Green. At the time of this article, the 22 year old Green has a record of 7 fights; 7 wins with 5 by way of knockout.

Q: Are you originally from Paterson, NJ?

Green: Yes born and raised in Paterson.

Q: What does the city of Paterson mean to you?

Green: My city means everything to me. My city is a tough environment to grow up in which turned out to be a good thing in a way because it made me who I am today and it made me strong not only physically but most importantly mentally.

Q: When did you start boxing and how did you get involved in the sport?

Green: I started boxing around the age of 9. To be honest boxing kind of chose me. I grew up in the boxing gym with my uncle but I never boxed. I always found a way to get myself into trouble with the owner so it was either never go back to the gym or I start to box to prevent me from being a pain in the behind.

Q: Tell me about you amateur career. What was your record? Did you win any titles?

Green: I had a decent amateur career. My record was 41-9 out of 50 fights. I won the NJ golden gloves twice; in 2013 and 2014. I also won the diamond gloves in 2014 and the NJ State Championships 2013.


ORANGE – Whenever Ian Green wants to hear his father’s voice, he listens to their recorded conversations he has stored in his cellphone. Turning to those inspirational messages from the man he admired most is therapeutic for the middleweight prospect from Paterson as he mourns his dad’s death. Ian Green Sr. was just 46 when


Brooklyn-based pro boxer, Jonathan “El Conquistador” Cepeda joins for an exclusive interview. Cepeda cites his tenacity, upbringing and faith as the key ingredients in his success in the ring. You have a standout pro record of 17-1, and are ranked 45 in the US, in the middleweight division. At age 30, you’re in your


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